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Backlinks are incoming links to your website, when one website links to another website, the term used is backlink. The purpose of a backlink is to improve search engine ranking and boost traffic to a specific website. A website with plenty of high quality backlinks from high ranking websites will eventually rank higher than a website with no backlinks or low quality backlinks from low ranking websites. In this article, we are going to talk about purchasing backlinks and posing the question, should you buy backlinks?

Buying Backlinks

When you buy backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization) you essentially purchase a service that provides high quality backlinks to your website. The key is ensuring that the websites that purchase backlinks from are high ranking websites that will help to boost your search engine ranking over time.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

The question is, should you buy backlinks for search engine optimization. The answer is not set in stone, if you purchase backlinks from a company that has very little SEO experience, you might be making a mistake. Reason being, if your site has multiple backlinks from low quality websites that have little or no relevance to your website, Google and other search engines might just blacklist your website. However, if you get backlinks from a reputable company with plenty of experience in the SEO field, then buying backlinks could actually benefit your business drastically. For example, buying backlinks from a well known company like Marketing1on1 could provide you with some high quality backlinks to boost your search engine ranking over time.

More About Backlinks

Link Juice

Once a website or webpage has linked to your website, it then transfers something called link juice. The link juice facilitates the search engine ranking, if you want to inhibit link juice as a webmaster or blogger, you can do this by utilizing no-follow tags.

No Follow Link

If you post a link on a website hoping for a useful high ranking backlink and the link has a no follow tag attached to it, the link will not transfer link juice which would render it useless, this would not improve your websites search engine ranking.

Do Follow Link

Every link that is added to a blog post or article is a do follow link.

Low Quality Links

Low quality links are backlinks from spam sites, automated sites, bot sites and even pornographic websites. Be careful of these links as they could render your site blacklisted if you use them. This is why it is always best to go to a recommended, professional company like Marketing1on1 when you are buying link building services.

Finally, let’s ask the question once again, should you buy backlinks for SEO? The answer will depend on the reputation and quality of the company you are purchasing your backlinks from? For example, a company who posts links on harvested and spam websites will only do more harm than good. However, a professional, results-driven company like Marketing1on1 will certainly provide you with some high quality backlinks that will produce the desired results.

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